Move Me

I want him to kiss me where it hurts.

Too bad it’s more than skin deep. -BB.



You’d be surprised what people would
rather go through to avoid facing the truth. -BB

We Live A Line

You’re the kind that lives in circles.

The curves bringing you back when you stray.


I followed you seeing how nice it was

to always have somewhere to go.

But I soon realized it was nowhere new.


Our paths are destined to be lived in a line which you keep avoiding.

I broke free moving forward hoping you would follow,

instead, you rounded another corner. -BB

So Sorry I’ve Been MIA!!

Hi Followers!!!

I’ve been working on marketing my book and it has taken a lot of time but I promise I’m back!! Please go check out (if you haven’t already) my book Nutshells made possible by you lovely folks for encouraging me. I hope my writing inspires you!

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